WOO X: Road to 200K

WOO X: Road to 200K giveaway by WOO Network

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WOO X: Road to 200K

WOO X: Road to 200K

From May 17 to June 7, pledge your allegiance to $WOO and help get us over the 200K followers milestone! 

To celebrate this achievement, we’re giving out a total prize pool of 10,000 $WOO to 25 lucky winners!

To join, simply complete the actions below:

✅ Follow @_WOO_X, @_WOOFi, @WOOnetwork, @AlphaCircle_

✅ RT the campaign tweet

✅ Complete this form below

🔥 25 random followers will win 400 $WOO each! 🔥

Terms & Conditions:

  • ​Winners will be picked on June 7 2023, 23:59 UTC
  • 25 users who have completed all the required actions will be randomly picked as the winners
  • Each winner will receive 400 $WOO each
  • The prize will be distributed within 7 days, airdropped into the user's WOO X account based on the user's UID provided via this form

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