$200 Monthly Giveaway Series - Fall 2023

$200 Monthly Giveaway Series - Fall 2023 by GiveawayListing.com

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$200 Monthly Giveaway Series - Fall 2023

Once again, GiveawayListing.com offers one entrant a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

Follow the instructions below to get more entry points and maximize your chances of winning.

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Terms & Conditions

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1. Terms & Definitions: These are the official Terms of GiveawayListing.com's monthly giveaway (also referred to as "contest," "competition," or "sweepstake"). The Terms are made of 25 "rules." Each rule should be deemed a binding contract between you and the giveaway Organizer. "You" refers to you as the "entrant" of the giveaway who agreed to participate by agreeing to the Terms.

To decide to become an entrant, you must first read, understand, comply, accept, and follow the entire list of rules stated in the Terms without exceptions. "Service" refers to the services provided by GiveawayListing.com. The term "user" refers to the user of the Service, regardless of the usage time. "GiveawayListing," "GiveawayListing.com," "organizer," and the "Company" refers to the site GiveawayListing.com and is the legal owner of Sociobright Limited. ." GiveawayListing Email lists," "GiveawayListing Offers," "GiveawayListing Deals," or any other similar naming patterns refer to our email lists that you agree to subscribe to as an entrant of our giveaway,

2. This promotion is not associated with, administered by, or endorsed by Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, or any other company other than Sociobright Limited. By participating in this promotion, you acknowledge a complete release of Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Sociobright Limited, or any other businesses' employees, investors, stakeholders, and partners.

3. The organizer is GiveawayListing.com, and the site's owner, Sociobright Limited, is based in Makedonias 5, Pafos, Cyprus. 8250

4. The organizer reserves the right to assign the contest to any entity upon explicit written confirmation. When a partner organizes the contest, the Company is completely released of any legal or operational responsibilities associated with the promotion.

5. The competition is open to all adult citizens of all countries unless there's a legal requirement of any legal authority that forbids or limits participation. It is your responsibility to consult your legal authorities and get informed if you are allowed to participate in the contest or any services the organizers provide.

6. No entry fee or purchase is necessary to enter this competition.

7. You agree that by participating in any or all the competition requirements, you are officially entering this competition and to be bound by the terms as stated in this document and all other associated rules placed on the official GiveawayListing.com posts.

8. Only one entry will be accepted per person unless indicated otherwise by the organizers. Multiple entries from the same individual will be disqualified unless explicitly mentioned on the contest terms.

9. Opening entry date is when the official post is shared on the organizer's official corporate social media channels unless indicated otherwise by the organizers.

10. Closing date for entry will be the last day of each calendar month that the contest is announced unless indicated otherwise by the organizers.

11. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for technical or non-technical reasons.

12. The rules on how to enter are explained on the official contest post as shown on the official communication channels of the Company, which include the authorized Company's social media accounts or website posts.

13. The organizer reserves the right to change or cancel the competition and these terms and conditions without notice in any unpredictable event, breach of any law/regulation, or any other event outside the organizer's control. The organizer will notify entrants of any changes to the competition as soon as possible.

14. The organizer is not responsible for incorrect prize details provided to any entrant by any third party connected with this competition.

15. The prize is as defined in the giveaway, and no cash or any other alternatives will be offered in exchange. The prizes are not transferable to anyone other than the announced winner. Prizes depend on availability; hence we may substitute any prize with another of the same value with or without notice.

16. Multiple winners may be chosen for each given contest. The winner(s) will be notified by email and/or a message on their social media channels within 14 days of the closing date. Suppose the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize and accept the terms to claim the prize within 7 days of our team's notification (email or DM). In that case, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner or/and pick a replacement winner or/and declare the prize and contest invalid.

17. The organizer will notify the winner when and how the prize can be retrieved.

18. The organizer's terms of entering, winning, or redeeming the giveaway and its prizes are not a subject of negotiation or discussion.

19. The competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by all relevant National and International laws and jurisdictions.

20. The winner agrees to use their name (first name and initials of their surname), city/country of residence, and personal profile image. The winner also agrees to permit us to use any content related to their entry in the contest for commercial purposes.

21. By entering this competition, an entrant indicates their consent and acceptance of the terms.

22. All entrants agree to let us share, distribute, and edit any content they provide or share on our official social media channels or other communication channels (such as our website). The content we use can be anything the entrant has shared related to the giveaway, including text, images, references, or other related content.

23. Any content provided by the entrants should be genuine and reflect a real user or customer experience. The entrants will be disqualified if it's proven that their reviews were separate from an authentic experience and interaction. If the entrant decides to write a review incentivized by the giveaway, this should be stated in the title of the review.

24. One mandatory action to participate in the giveaway(s) is for the entrant to subscribe to the GiveawayListing.com email list(s). Our email lists have several scopes: marketing, re-marketing, user support, user service, informational newsletters, account settings, privacy information, general requirements, and specific user requests. The entrant to subscribe to our email lists should agree that his email will be used for any of the scopes above or any other reason deemed suitable for GiveawayListing.com.

25. The organizer and the giveaway owner retain the right to cancel or amend the contest terms at any given point, with or without notice. However, upon a reasonable effort, any major changes to the giveaway will be communicated through our official website, GiveawayListing.com, or via our social media channels.