Entertainer Pack Giveaway

Entertainer Pack Giveaway by Clown Antics

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    1. Open to all. 
    2. The lucky winner will receive an Entertainer Pack composed of the following: 2 packs of Assorted Clownatex balloons, 1 set of balloon pump and cutter, 1 invisible dog leash, 1 rubber chicken, 1 roll of smiley heart stickers, 1 roll of smiley stickers, 1 pack of sponge balls, 1 pair of D'lite thumb tips, 1 roll of super kid stickers, and 1 roll of smiley band-aid stickers
    3. The winner will be announced on November 30, 2022. 
    4. The winner will be emailed with instructions on how to claim the prize.
    5. The winner will be announced on our social media pages and through email announcements.
    6. The winner is responsible for shipping and customs fees if they are outside the U.S.
    7. By submitting media (photos and videos), you authorize ClownAntics.com to edit/modify and upload your image on its website and social media.
    8. Photo entries will be moderated and subject to the admin's approval.


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